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Places worth visiting around 'Krishna Palace Hotel' are historical temples, churches, dams and the labour statue monument which is probably the only statue representing 'Labour' in India. Among the most popular is the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple which is built 1060 AD.

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Shanti Sagar Resort

Water parks are super fun specially when the sun is out and doesn’t show signs of setting soon. Fun and exciting rides is an additional bonus. Likewise, the Nariman Point of Ambernath, Shantisagar Resort offers an attraction for the entire family with many thrilling rides such as mushroom ride, family slide, octagobal slide, etc. It is a resort with all the facilities available for entertainment. Ther river side garden restaurant caters to an evening supper alongside the river. Being an attractive combination of thrill and fun, it is a place for an exciting day with family.

Xperia Mall

Xperia Mall at Palava City, offers widest gamut of shopping options comprising of more than 135 stores spread across floors bringing in the perfect mix of anchor & vanilla stores. The large expanse ensures that you will be able to find your most loved and preferred brands under a single roof.

Xperia Mall houses, more than 135 stores for an enhanced experience, 8 large sized anchors spread across four floors, Plethora of options in premium and international brands & much more.

Metro Junction Mall

Metro Junction Mall located in Kalyan is about 13kms. Away from Ambernath. The mall is spread over an area of 7.5 million square feet. This spacious area is dedicated to shopping and entertainment. This mall also has a large food court to satisfy the hunger pangs! There is an open auditorium on the first floor that can be used by the shoppers..

Japani Bazaar

Japani Bazaar in Ulhasnagar is one of the oldest shopping destinations in this city. It is a huge local market also known as the Crown of Ulhasnagar. Japani Bazaar offers ardent shoppers a variety of products from electronics to clothes to almost everything. A variety of products under one roof is not a bad deal. An even better deal is when everything is available at inexpensive rates. A few hours of shopping has harmed no one!

Shiv Mandir

The Shiv Mandir of Ambarnath is also called the Ambreshwar Shiva Temple. Built in 1060 AD, It is situated 2 km away from Ambarnath (East) railway station in Maharashtra, India. It is said that Shilahara king Chhittaraja constructed it, his son Mummuni rebuilt it. The temple is on the bank of Vadavan (Waldhuni) river. The temple is Hemadpanthi-styled, beautifully carved on stones.

Our Lady of Fatima Church

Our Lady of Fatima Church is situated on a small hillock in the heart of Ambarnath town. This Church has been and is a source of blessing for thousands of people who flock to it to receive the blessings of the Lord through our lady of Fatima. The Miraculous Cross Chapel is a quiet place where believers and others come, sit and pray in quiet and return home with peace and joy. The beautiful Adoration Chapel, where the Eucharist is exposed for personal as well as group prayer is another attraction where people regularly spend time with the Eucharistic Lord experiencing His presence. Come and experience this peace and tranquility as the Lord continues to invite one and all saying,

Malang Gad (Haji Malang)

Climbing up to the Malang Gad is an exciting and a hard trek. A motorable road takes you to "Malangad" which is about 13 km, from Kalyan railway station. The shrine has been drawing pilgrims and sheer trekkers for a long time. You can also reach Malang Gad by Buses or Rickshaws a good road gets you there with no problems. After you leave the vehicles a 1-½ hour climb takes you straight to the Dargah. Shops on either side for the entire stretch try or coax you in to buying something. There are also stalls that sell soft drinks, sugarcane juice, etc, which also offers you a place to sit and rest a while if you are so inclined.

Shobha Hospital

Located on Shivmandir road in Ambernath, Shobha Hospital is the first multispeciality hospital established in 1986. Being a private hospital with 25 beds, it has become a role model for small corporate hospitals. Shobha Hospital is acquainted with major surgeries like urological, lapaeroscopic and cancer and have performed them successfully. It is conversant with all the latest medical equipments. Their social aim is charity and for that the hospital reserves 2 beds for the poor and needy patients and provides facilities at minimum cost or even for free.

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